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Note 12

transcribed [NADINE] 10-dec-22 transcription [text] beginning Unknown 0:06 For the past couple couple of days I've been trying to write you once again. I was trying to write a shortened text message have a letter that is permanent countless hours, miles, days and nights. from dusk to dawn from dawn to dusk, writing you became closer to 40 page pages of words I wanted to say to you here I am. I'm thinking this letter cannot be not sin. Unknown 1:18 But first things first I need to meet you. ...
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Saturday, Apr 15, 2023 at 3:09 AM

Let's say Robert Dean is on a mission to convince as many people as possible with those so-called facts—whether they are fabricated or not, it is not possible to know in the mean time. The mission could have occurred simply by direct or indirect order to Dean. Possibilities are as follows; Dean had been through a direct influence to believe in his research and what he ended up believing. Therefore, he is not lying, at least to his own consciousness. Dean had been influenced to having the great ...
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Wednesday, Jul 5, 2023 at 6:53 AM

[...] لم يعد يشغلني كل ذلك الآن *بل باستطاعتي اليوم أن أرى من خلال ما كان يفور له دمي، ويغلي دماغي في إثره؛ أولا، افتراض الكذب في نفسي وكل من من طرفي -- مقدما، بإطلاق، بلا دليل، وليس إلى أن ييثبت العكس بل حتى حين...[لم يأت منه لحظة بعد] *لم تعد لدي تساؤلات تتعلق بأي شأن يختص بتسبيب/بسببية ذلك الاتهام الكاذب اللاصق -- بخصوص الجدوى منه أو في شأنه *إن كان هنالك ما قد يثير اهتماما لدي في وقت أو آخر فلا يتطرق سوى ناحية التذرع -- أي ذريعة لصق الكذب بي صفة بإطلاق تمتد لتشمل كل من هو من طرف يخصني *عليه...
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