A place to start

Hello World!

For the past few days, I have been constantly thinking of starting a blog. However, the problem with making a blog was figuring out how to get started. "Which platform should I use?, What the cost of running a blog would be?, Should my blog be about a specific topic?, Why do I suck so much at making decisions?" - these were some of the answers I needed before I could start a blog.

Honestly, I had no idea about Listed. I used to have a blog on WordPress, that I had started using after my first breakup. I was a stupid teenager who thought his world had shattered and I just needed a place to sort out all the thoughts that were constantly running in my mind. It was due to this experience with WordPress, that I decided I would probably not use it unless I get the time to get really serious about blogging. WordPress is a great platform, but its just too complicated for a basic place to blog. There is a learning curve with the platform, and while its not too hard to pick up, it does need some time and effort - two things I have a pretty meh relationship with at the moment.

That's what makes Listed so great - its simple to get started. I just needed a SN account. I used to use Joplin as my main note-taking app(cause its free), but Standard Notes just has a better UI and syncs up great with its mobile app out of the box, no extra steps required. So switching to SN was not a difficult transition for me.

I still have to create an About page, and figure out how to use Listed properly but I will get there eventually. For now this is a good place to start.