Fb2 system - vang

The vang
The vang the boat currently has is inadequate with insufficient purchase. Initially I propose to use my 16:1 holt allen laser vang, with a spectra strop if necessary. Will transfer this back and forwards between laser and fireball. We will see how this goes. If it courses problems we will switch to the class recommended cascade system here.

The vang we have

Fb3 mainsheet

The mainsheet is on a bridle. This is two light lines located aft of the cockpit, spliced to the sheet. The system is a pit like a laser except that it is fixed rather than having a sliding block, and is not tensioned down onto the tiller. It seems that most boats do not use a purchase between boom and the ratchet block on the centrecase and this is the case here. If they do then a horse to reduce sheet lengths is common.

The main.

I am not sure how this will work in practice for us. There is a risk that the loads on the sheet will be too high for an older weaker helm. But there are big advantages in simplicity, and not having so much rope in the boat.

I will be replacing the existing block and cleat on the centrecase. I used to have a contender and found that good gear here was important. The size of the sail meant that having the main cleated was usual, but it was very important to be able to ease quickly in puffs.

Here is what we have.

FBI system 1 jib (plus mast, stays and spreaders)

The jib has a wire luff that joins a wire halyard, connected to the muscle box. The purchase in the box comes out on the low side and cleats off on the centre case. Muscle boxes were common a few decades ago. A more modern system would have two blocks of three sheaves beside the centre case with a single cascade by the mast to give 12:1. I am sticking with the box.

The side stays have adjusters at the base, and the spreader position is also adjustable. These alter mast rake and bend. Spreader position can't be altered on the water. It is possible to alter the stays between races, with the right setup, but we won't be doing that.
The jib sheets go to adjustable tracks to control slot depth.
The jib track, adjustable without moving forward

Work so far includes repairing the muscle box that is used for tensioning the jib halyard. This is an eight part purchase housed inside an aluminum section. The muscle box was jammed when I brought it.

Jib systems diagram

A Fireball Dinghy

I brought this on trademe recently. I am in the process of preparing it for racing.

The boat, test rigged

The purpose of the dinghy is to race in open fleet racing at the Point Chevalier sailing club. This is Sunday sailing and we will not see another Fireball in the fleet. The boat will race against well sailed lasers that will do much better than their Portsmouth numbers suggest and variety of other less well sailed craft such as RS feva dinghies and the occasional twentyniner. The fireball crew are quite elderly and because of the boats age and the age of the crew we will probably not sail it in wind speeds of more than 16 knots or so.

The boat, base view for systems diagrams

The aim is to get all the original systems on the fireball working and where necessary to put some new systems in to make sale handling easy. The systems are all there but it is clear that the owner who originally set the boat up had much more knowledge than the subsequent owners. So some systems, spinnaker etc, have not been used for a while.

The boat, cockpit

The only system that I'm planning to not have this point in time is the barber haulers on the job sheets.

There has been some progress so far. The boat has been rigged as a trial and a place to store it has been found. It is hanging in an airy situation under cover which should be quite good for its longevity. Some broken ply on the foredeck has been repaired, where somebody unwisely stood on the deck.

The boat, mast base

The rest of the ply is in good condition with no rot. I've also applied an epoxy sealer to areas of exposed wood on the boat so that it doesn't deteriorate further. I will work through the various systems in separated notes