My new Standard Notes themes

I recently made some custom themes for Standard Notes. Since then I have been experimenting more and these are my latest themes. I thought I'd share them with my readers.

Introducing Standard Blue and Standard Blue Dark.

Both of these themes are free to install without a Standard Notes paid subscription.

I welcome all feedback about these themes! Please reach out to me on the Standard Notes Discord

GitHub Repos

If you like these themes, I would appreciate it if you could star the GitHub repos.

Standard Blue

Standard Blue Dark

Standard Blue

Standard Blue is a theme that features different light shades of blue. It is inspired by the Standard Notes branding. It also includes a custom font.

How to install:

To install, go to preferences > general > advanced options

Paste the following link in the text box:

Standard Blue Dark

Standard Blue Dark is the dark themed version of Standard Blue. It has elements from the light theme, but made AMOLED friendly.

How to install:

UPDATE: This theme is now included in the official Standard Notes Community Plugins repository. It can be installed directly in the Standard Notes application via the Plugins menu.

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