Thoughts on sharing good news about your life

It only makes sense to share good news with people who are emotionally/otherwise invested in you, because you know with certainty that they actually want what's best for you. If people aren't directly affected by the going-ons of your life or your personal improving, you're taking a gamble on other people's energy affecting your outcome. Control the narrative of who knows what about you, and you can thereby indirectly control the outcome.

If you go around telling everyone the good things about your life, not only will you make other people jealous, the domino effect of how they act differently towards you can affect the course of your life. Maybe they know about a job that you'd be good at, but because you went out of your way to boast about the things that are already going on in your life, they think you don't deserve an even better life and will retain that information as a way to gain leverage over you. Everyone wants what's best for you until you're actually the best, so don't speak about your life, just be the best through your actions. Anyone wanting to improve their own life will want what's best for you and will want to learn from your actions. People who try to feel better about themselves through wanting you to fail, will not take the time to learn from your actions, but they will take the time to learn how to hate what you speak about. So don't speak about it, be about it.

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