You should always be striving to be the best out of everyone

Everyone wants to be known for being a pioneer of a genre - it takes barely any work to come up with an original idea. Original ideas are not hard to come by.

What I don't see is people wanting to be known for being the best, because they aren't the best and they don't want to put in concrete effort to strive to become the best. You should always strive to be the best out of everyone, and not just your best. The idea of "your" best is a fallacy that you can only do so much. I'm calling that false, because the future version of yourself is more capable of more complicated tasks than your current version, essentially compounding your able-ness over time with every decision you make throughout your day that challenges your capabilities.

Most people are not doing this - they limit themselves by the able-ness of their current self, and thus keep themselves from changing into a newer, stronger version. It's easier than you think to become better than other people around you because of this. It's a lie that it's "hard" to become someone else. "Wanting" is not some philosophical thought pattern that controls your actions, your actions are the act of wanting.

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