What Caught My Attention

Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

I have been interested in computer science and artificial intelligence since I could understand technology. I am fascinated with the developing nature of technology and am keen to be part of the process and advancement. I learned more and more about networks, webpages, programming, ... through mentors and the internet, but as I got older, I couldn't help but start with some projects on my own. Every opportunity I got, I tried to advance my computer science skills.

For example, the personal project in 10th grade, I created an AI chatbot that acted as a mental counsellor for students or teenagers that were petrified of speaking to a human therapist. I enjoyed working on this and continued with the development even after my project was over. During the recent summer break, I applied for an internship with a freelancer who got outsourced projects from multinational companies. I improved my understanding by learning more about web development and different coding languages. I created my first "weather-app" on a localhost and coded a copy of the famous snake game. It became a habit to check the code on random internet pages and trying to understand the code behind them. I viewed different OSS applications, trying to see if I could change the code for the better on my desktop only, as a form of practice.

Most of the big and successful businesses nowadays are also in the tech industry. For example, Apple, Facebook, Tesla, Microsoft, ... What is frightening now is how quickly we are moving ahead and maybe if it is too fast. Are we not considering the potential effects of certain inventions? Tesla released the Tesla Bot, and AI human sized robot that is designed to perform repetitive movements (working in a factory). What is dangerous about AI is that it is designed to learn on its own and develop its own "brain", and maybe even quicker than humans. There has been a conspiracy of an AI takeover, which is a scenario in which some form of artificial intelligence becomes the dominant form of intelligence on Earth, with computer programs or robots taking the control of the planet away from us. Possible scenarios include replacement of the entire human workforce.

People seem to believe that if more bright minds enter the AI industry, it will simply speed up the robot uprising, however, I seem to believe that it is an opportunity to prevent the possibility of any casualties as the brightest minds also have the solutions to self-created problems. This is certainly a largely debatable argument.