As we go by...

He wrote:

Another day has gone by. It started a bit cloudy and there were some showers. Then the Sun broke through and I walked across the field that looks jaded bronze with all the grass fried crisp by the sizzling tropical Sun.

At work, I tried to focus on writing the fifth document but could not pick up much speed. It is a challenge to write something which is simple to understand and yet does not compromise the quality and completeness of material. I wrote one page and then struggled with finding a way out to mark an email as "Read" on Thunderbird.

Towards evening, I read up on the evolution of stock prices, a topic that I have to teach in class tomorrow. I will shortly shut down the computer, change and go out for my mandatory 3 kilometer walk with a hurting big toe. It is funny how age catches up. They renewed my driving license for 5 years instead of the usual 10, citing an age threshold that I have now crossed. The painful big toe is a symptom of rapidly developing gout and I think that I was in school just yesterday. I blinked and almost a lifetime is over.

And I wrote back:

It is indeed funny how we remain colossally unaware of the passage of time. Not only that, we never seem to be content with the present. When we were children, we wanted to grow up quickly and be all independent and strong and able to decide for our own selves. Now that we have grown up, childhood seems like a precious little lost gem. And yet we do not realize that if we are around 10 years later, we will miss what we have today.

Writing is a scientific art. One has to be precise in communicating and yet hold the reader's interest. If the subject is technical, the challenge is that much more. The best way to move ahead is to proceed in small steps instead of rushing. Beauty takes time to develop.

While you walk through the field, take time to notice the breeze that ruffles the hair, the shade of those veteran trees,

the chameleons that speed past, the birds that take a sortie from one tree to another and when you look up, there is that infinite blue sky reminding of the vastness into which all things merge.


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