I am consumed by guilt, for every word out of my mouth, she talks back, beating me down with words. At every step, she walks right there beside me with those accusatory eyes, staring me down, making my head bow down. For every action, her response is the stick, curving my back, killing my posture. With every breath, she's there telling me I don't deserve another.

How did I become so consumed with guilt and shame? I did not murder or commit any crimes, well at least not any crimes hurting other people. I'm not really a bad person when I think of it, but still I'm overwhelmed and consumed by it.
It's the eyes, they always give me the cue. Passion washes out of their eyes and disappointment replaces it, hot turns to cold and smile turns to scowl. I put on a brave face, but in the corner of my eye she shakes her head and I know I no longer deserve to breathe.

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