...but first some definitions:

  • RAGE - violent anger, often so strong that it cannot be contained, becoming the instigator of violence.
  • WRATH - extreme anger, so strong and so intense that it is only attributed to deities and parents.
  • FURY - violent directed anger, providing an outlet for overwhelming feelings.

My veins are on fire, blood have been replaced by overheated gasoline, coursing through me is an explosion begging to express itself. My hands are fisted, clenched tightly shut, fingernails digging into my flesh. My jaw is shut, muscles and tendons grinding teeth against teeth, the taste of iron is on my tongue from holding back the flood of rage. You have awaken a wrath that begs to break every bone in your frame, collapsing it into a heap of broken flesh. I want to pound your face until it is pulp and nothing more. I cannot bear to hold back the rage beckoning me, cajoling me into releasing the fury of a seriously pissed off man.

Let me throw you off the walkway, see your head cave in on the asphalt below, let me pull every joint out of its place, hearing the sweet pop that comes before every cry out of your throat. Let me crush every bone of your ridiculous frame into pulp and dust, put out your eyes with my fingers, rip your living skin off your fucking face and tear out your teeth with a pair of pliers.

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