Sleep Hack That Works

For the past five years in my life, I sacrifice the thing that humans need to perform well: sleep.

My working student lifestyle demands more of my awake time, that my sleeping pattern has been compromised. With a lifestyle that involves a lot of mental activity, I can't get 6-8hrs straight of sleep. As a working student, I have to be flexible with my time. Medical professionals suggest that in order for you to perform well, you need a proper rest. In my situation, that is totally inapplicable.

I came up with a solution I found in Quora years ago: biphasal sleep. Biphasal sleep is the ability to split your sleep into half. Supposedly, people need to have eight hours of sleep everyday. This type of sleep works on people who can't sleep in a time of the day where they are supposed to sleep. What biphasic people do is, to sleep two 4-hour sleep. It varies.
Some people sleep 3 hours in the first phase, and then 5-6 hours in the second phase.

How was the experience so far, if you ask me?

My work schedule starts at 9:00pm and ends at 6am. My school schedule depends on the available time slot but I'd be very lucky if all of my subjects were conducted in the afternoon. I slept between 6am and 12nn. Usually woke up at 12:30pm. Waking up at 10 am for a class fucked up my sleeping pattern, so there are semesters where I sacrifice sleep big time.

This type of sleep helps me refresh myself for another big activity that I have in a day. Sleeping for 3-4 hrs after class reboots my mind and wakes me up feeling ready for work. When divulging into this lifestyle, please also note that some natural rhythms such as menstruation may surely affect that may lead to polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS. This type of irregularity is caused primarily because of lifestyle change, stress, and fatigue.

If you're the type of person who does two things at once with different time demands within the day, I highly recommend biphasal sleep because resting is important.