Enlightened Activity

Thy will not mine be done

Wholehearted doing while letting go of outcomes is enlightened activity. There is a right and wrong path to take, good and bad choices, the way of Vision and the way of darkness, but the right path doesn't appear (and therefore cannot be walked) by force, controlling, or overthinking.

What to do, how to choose where to go?

The pure function of the will is to let go completely into the feeling of this life, over and over into this activity without distraction until it drops away completely, and only awe and gratitude for the miracle of the present moment remain.

There is nothing more beautiful than the face God, which is to say this Eternal present moment, but the price of seeing with Creator's eyes is total surrender. Surrendering control over the quality of the experience of now is the price of admission. Just let go and the Mystery comes forth into awareness.

Enlightened activity is being in the present moment completely free of agenda, resting in the naked experience of being Alive with full devotion to the successful completion of the task at hand, whatever it is, which is only possible when personal preference for the quality of experience falls away.

Suddenly, Visionary activity is clear and God emerges.

So I seek to work tirelessly, enjoying only the miracle of my own awareness, and over and over I chant

Thy will not mine be done.

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