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Kansas City Band "Tickle Toe"

Kansas City Band "Moten Swing"

Lester Young and Coleman Hawkings (1958)

The Sound Of Jazz (1957)

Count Basie - Papa Joe Jones

Dorothy Donegan - A Good Man is Hard to Find

Cement Mixer Slim Gaillard

Sister Rosetta Tharpe ca. 1941 "Four Or Five Times"

Lionel Hampton - At The Opera RTBF 1958

Count Basie & His Sextet - One O'Clock Jump - 1950

Earl Hines explains his influences and technique

Bent Jædig - But Not For Me - Live at Drop Inn

Ben Webster meets Oscar Peterson (Hannover, 1972)

But Beautiful

(…) Tales episodios pertenecen al repertorio habitual de anécdotas e informaciones, en otras palabras, son standards, de los cuales doy mi propia versión, expongo los hechos esenciales con mayor o menor brevedad y luego improviso a partir de ellos, en algunos casos, alejándome del todo. Así quizá no sea fiel a la verdad, pero, una vez más, me mantengo fiel a las prerrogativas formales de la improvisación. (…)

Copy, copy, copy... What is practicing? - Hal Galper

Helping people accept thing they can't change


"We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done."

— Alan Turing

John Coltrane, Stan Getz and Oscar Peterson

This is an orchestra!

This is an orchestra, a group of musicians gather together because of a believe in a particular music. (…) Some of these music is written, some is improvised. There are times where the musician will express his individuality and other moments when he’ll melt with the rest, to create an organised sound. (…) Me, I’m Stan Kenton, I’m the piano player and, I’m the leader. The guys call me the old man. They look to me for many things: a plan, final decisions, encouragement and, oh yes, another thing, money. (…)

Jammin' the blues