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It's over three months since on Standard Notes, and yet, it's just today that I came to know of the linked Listed blogging platform. I had just installed the app casually on seeing positive reviews when trying to switch over from a previously used, specially considering the encryption part of it. In fact it was a mail from Standard Notes highlighting features of professional version that made me look into the features under various plans and later out of curiosity clicked on Listed under the menu and got into the wagon without delay.

Choosing a name for anything is always a bit tricky, be it for your new office or a partnership, or as in some, for their first child or a new home, and never satisfactory. I preferred to call it Terra finally, for being (presumably) down to earth!

It's easy setting up a blog, ditto for the very first post, and becomes daunting to keep it up going regularly. Finding suitable subjects is one, everyone not being so prolific is the other well-known reason/s that tapers off from the initial zest in most cases.

Though with an art background, computing has brought in an interest in technology, and with smartphones becoming a way of life, it has just strengthened - keeping an eye on what's new, what's to be avoided, security aspects of it, new programs and apps, and such have become routine for many of us. That's to say, this space is just envisioned with no particular subject or line and may (hopefully) see random thoughts.

I like keeping things short, or try to say more in less, and hope to fill-in the coming days often, if not regularly...

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