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The technically interested ones always follow the news on updates and upgrades related to operating systems or apps. So when in early January there was news of Android 12 update for selected models, I got curious and no doubt got thrilled to find mine to qualify. But the approximate time of getting it looked so distant, in June that is for the rollout in stages to reach me.

Came June and I was prompt in checking for software update, and continued for a week or more and then once a week, and no such got shown. Wondering if the company, like others in the market (that seem more bent towards serving the newer releases and the 5G stuff) thought otherwise, I kind of forgot about it though hardly being a less than two-year old customer. Two days back on a sudden impulse when I checked after a fortnight, the expected surprise awaited to let me click download. Though a whopping, close to 2GB affair, it got over seemingly fast and I was onto the update in less than an hour.

I did notice a few obvious changes and tweaks, besides the customary installation of unwanted apps that get bundled during such, only to be promptly removed. One feature I liked is the Edge panel, or a pop-out that lets you customize selected app shortcuts with the recently used automatically appearing on the top, all in a neat panel, available from any screen when swiping left at the designated space on the right of screen as a short narrow band. It's similar to what I was wondering to have as a feature, though having in mind the taskbar as in Windows (through a bottom-up swipe) to know running apps. Nevertheless, it's an useful addition.

Other visible changes included the notification panels, performance and security related, ways to customize appearance and such. I wonder if the device stays eligible to receive the next in the sphere of fast changing technology. If it does, would be thrilled more no doubt...

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