Majestic era

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It has been an eventful day with the end one particular era, of a long period that spanned pages from the past that we only get to read, to the recent pandemic. It is rare for someone to be active for such long, still admired and making her nation and many beyond feel the loss. Of course, it doesn't affect those outside much the same way, but easy to sense the "they don't make such anymore" kind of observation.

My mother remembers seeing her on her visit to our country when she was young. I happened to come across a short video of that, and found it interesting. The way people crowded enthusiastically on the way, the procession along the major road that looked glorious, but now hardly has much retained from the past except the name.

There are numerous personalities the word over, known, popular and easily recognized, but a select few carry an aura around, though being simple to leave a lasting impression...

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