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Sudden alert on the computer: Anti-virus did not find any malware activity. Your device was scanned X number of times. When the notification area suddenly gets populated calling your attention, you wonder if something is wrong. You stop midway from whatever onto, only to find that you are safe. Would be better if those toasts really pop up in the crucial moments than bother you all the time. Sounds like the old sentry on the watchtower in those days, shrieking Two o' Clock, and everything is fine, only to come back every hour to disturb your sleep. Chances are, so annoyed by the "Crying wolf", you wouldn't bother when something is seriously wrong.

Reminds of an old joke -- A little girl was assigned to see that the grandma took her sleeping pill each night. Once she found her sleeping well without the pill, and desperately tried waking her up, "Grandma you forgot the pill".

On the phone, these notifications can drive you nuts. It's not enough for them if you just swipe down to read and take note when things are not important - - they methodically send a beep every two minutes till you either mark it read or open the related apps for each. On the computer I have a mail program that turns the taskbar icon to one with the mail when something new comes through. Despite having read all, the changed icon stays put making you wonder if something went unread. It changes back methodically only when you minimize and maximize the Window.

A small and sincere "Tastes good" in response to her constant "How's it?" is enough for an aunt to load you with another serving.

My friend's brother was too particular about keeping his car smooth and running. Each day he would get under to check nuts, bolts and connections, but the neighbors, not knowing his passion once suggested him to get rid of it if so problematic, than repairing each day.

The landline phones were more sensible, stopped ringing when the other end disconnected on no response. Imagine them ringing every few minutes to say you missed a call.

Care, help and hospitality are all good, only too much of it puts you off...

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