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The relation between Action and Reaction in nature was observed, made eloquently clear and postulated as a law long ago. The two are not restricted just to the physical objects in motion, but even in human nature as we all know through daily experiences, triggered verbally whether spoken or written.

You don't need to be subscribed to social media platforms to know the trend of opinions and the volley of support and onslaught to remain updated on many issues. Most of it becomes news and media covers it in detail. To add, their readers also opine, furthering the issue to the point of saturation (read nausea) till the comments get closed to move on to the many newly sprung up.

One interesting aspect in most of those is the way Reactions are targeted, conveniently hiding or ignoring the Action, however wrong, intentionally malicious, politically motivated or simply unwanted and irresponsible that initiated the process. Don't know if things were the same even in earlier generations, only these days we have learnt to live with it.

Before the Internet all that counted was the "Letter to the editor" in most dailies, that were crisp, fairly well worded and more important, moderated so only the relevant that supplied their whereabouts got included. Now of course, each one is a reader cum editor, posting anonymously in not just bad English but in bad language, each creative to evade banned word filters, substituting alphabets with numerals and special characters.

Villages used have a large platform built around the Peepul tree that served as a terminus for people to gather each evening to gossip, discuss or simply while away time. Now the whole of Net is infested with such platforms running through the day. While opinions are good to know both sides, wonder if there's a need for so much of it when the bulk hardly rises above relevance or slander, with no positive input. The world would be better of if each page in each site does away with "Leave a comment". Like climate change that's melting the glaciers to cause havoc, these overflowing opinions are smothering down sense and sensibility...

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