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Online activities, particularly involving payments are convenient so long as everything goes smooth. Both your bank and the receiver's servers should be running without glitches so you are sure it went through at the end.

Last week there was a little problem. Though the bank deducted the amount instantly, the other end went back to the homepage than acknowledge the payment to enable print the proof. I kept checking the transaction status, after allowing a day for possible delay. Despite four days of wait when it remained showing pending, the bank was contacted, who, as expected weren't too helpful. Finally a visit to the concerned agency, and after a bit of trial and error at their end, the print out was obtained. Certain things seem to need an offline persual or to be accepted as a rare instance. Only, don't know why it always has to be to us.

A change of print roll causing delay always happens to a friend whenever shopping for even one or two items at the mall, while those ahead in line make it hassle free despite filled carts. Another guy's luggage got sent to some other place by mistake at the airport to return after two days. Double deductions keep happening, and unless followed up, never get reversed. You are so engrossed in filling details, putting up with slow Net connection of all, on that day and never notice the battery status till you hit Submit when the laptop suspends itself, with a "I have been telling you". We talk of one in million cases expecting it as an assumption, but they do happen if you are the chosen one...

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