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Some how getting the government related works done appear scary for the number of processes involved that often become a tool to curtail the smooth flow in the hands of some. So, when I had such a work yesterday and returned sooner than expected with no hindrance, it was almost dream-like. Not sure if the right ones who do their job sincerely were in charge or all things in order from my side aided it, it was memorable compared to the hassles my friend is still experiencing and wouldn't believe; in fact asked me to accompany him next time to see if the same people can reappear.

Human nature is strange. Some hold it against others for no understandable reasons, some go out of the way and some just attend to it normally as their duty, and a few take delight in misusing their power. Obviously such experiences vary across the globe, which some can't believe and others may nod in assent.

Often some programs, apps or updates turn out the same. Some run error free, some cause system hangs, some don't even let you boot once you docilely agree to reboot. Unless prepared, there would be a whole lot of efforts to restore.

Both in life and on the devices, it might be wise if you begin with an iota of doubt on the unexpected than taking it all for granted. So many things count for even the simplest to work as expected or go wrong. Some call it Karma and some luck...

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