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Autosuggest. If correct, this was first seen in .chm format help files that tried narrowing down your search when you preferred to look for terms & phrases than wading through the long list of ready links. Picking up from the readily indexed, they showed the available topics for your query. Later this feature got into the browser, linked to the online index, perhaps with added popularly searched keywords apart from what's already scooped from various sources, to guess what's on your mind to make it quicker. May be it is their way of getting to know you more, specially when logged in with your account. I prefer staying away, not to become a product for such all too keen services.

While it saves some typing for the routine searches to select from the offered suggestion, many a time turns out a bit annoying, forcing to auto complete as you start keying in. The only way seems to be to just ignore, keep typing and press Enter to stay away from the drop-down choices, since there seems no way to turn it off.

I once visited someone and their kid turned out to be real cute. But anything that I asked the kid on my lap to strike a conversation, was getting answered by one of the duo, hardly giving the little one to express. So much of parental care reminded of autofill.

Some people have this habit of assuming things about others than getting it straight from them. Another form Autosuggest, the know all syndrome. You didn't attend an event for some reason, and a guy who did is interested to know. "Oh you were busy, OK must have forgotten, Is someone at home not well...?" Such a lot of rattled assumptions, hardly giving you a chance to convey none of the above, as we had to attend some other the same day. And when told, "Why he was not invited, Who all attended, Why they had it on the same day...?"

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