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All is well that ends well. Wish the phrase stood applicable to all aspects. There are things that leave a feel of parting when ended. Like the OS versions that you were so used to, liking some aspects and having got adapted to as second nature, only to say it good bye to move over to the new after a few years.

Some realize it in relationships, some feeling the pinch even with their favorite dress, or the pet laptop that may seem trivial to others, but carries much significance to the concerned. We all feel it at some stage, small or big the reason. Seems Dickens was at loss when David Copperfield came to an end, having to part with characters he enjoyed creating and penning. Seeing the new owner driving away the long-served vehicle or having got to do away with the house, shop or office for whatever reasons, seeing it with new occupants or coming under the hammer, chipping away the brick and mortar enclosure that robs off the memories and the sense of having grown with it, are often felt even by the neighbors.

There's no end to things that end, positively or otherwise. Change of course is inevitable till the cycle repeats...

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