Why should you watch Anime ?

I hope you all know what Anime is, still putting it out here for the people living in caves,

Anime (Japanese: アニメ,) is hand-drawn and computer animation originating from Japan. In Japan all animated works, regardless of style or origin is considered anime but outside it refers specifically to animation produced in Japan.

So why should you watch Anime ?

1. Anime is for all ages !

Yes you heard it right , It’s not just for kids as many people believe. Anime has something for everyone, it ranges from funny, sweet, action to dark, gory, thriller , mystery.

The possibilities are endless. There are a lot of live action movies based on anime’s but most are unsuccessful, Why ? coz a movie cannot recreate the complex story-line of an anime , the superb action scenes and the weird , unreal characters. Even after all this anime is very much relatable because many characters face moral dilemmas and serious issues which feels much more real.

2. You will know a lot about Japanese Culture.

Japanese culture is fascinating, and anime is one of the best ways to learn about. You will learn so much more than you imagine, like the food , folklore and myths of Japan as well as the popular traditions and common words of japan.

I personally love Japanese culture very much and I’m also trying to learn Japanese but currently very poor at it.

3. The Music ❤️

You know how much people are crazy about Kpop these days (PS: I am not one of them) but in all that Jpop (Japanese pop music) gets lost. In almost every anime there’s an Opening and Ending Song known as OP & ED in the Otaku community. They are really good songs & combine them with the animation, It’s just Amazing.

Some of my Favourites are Hiraku Nara , Fukashigi no Carte , Unravel and many more.

4. You will learn a lot.

Definitely Anime is something you can just watch for entertainment but its much more than that.

You can learn about so many things in anime. Let me point out a few,

  • Relationships - A lot of anime are build around relationship, love where each character has a unique & different personality.
  • Life lessons - Most of the shonen anime are a big source of motivation and life lessons.
  • Hard Work & Patience - Same goes for sports anime etc too , they teach us a lot about hard work & patience.
  • Ugly side of human nature - Not all anime are made from human side’s perpective , many show the cruelty and ugly side of humans.
  • Many more Unexpected things - There a lot of other things you can learn from anime like social & mental issues , different diseases , incidents etc.

So this is my first blog , I thought about a lot of topics to write about , but finally decided on anime, since it’s the one thing i love the most of all in my hobbies.

This is just a short one, I could possibly write more than 50 points it but this will be just fine.

Hope you liked it :)