Tuesday, Aug 22, 2023 at 6:31 PM

Well... today was a bit of a boring ass fuck day. Thursday will be much much better. Tomorrow even. Today was just... anticlimactic to put it in a word.

Friday I get to go see dodgy ol' Kakar... aka my shrink. But, it'll be ok.... I think. There really isn't a problem with him except for his thick Indian accent. But that was like a year ago.. with COVID.. and stuff, over the phone and like? But in person? He should be easy to manage... I'll have Bees come for moral support.

Add to the factor that he is also in Markham. This makes me severely anxious. I have agoraphobia... and in person visits freak me out.

I need to bring my 3DS XL. God. And a Valium... (joke!)