Be strong enough to be gentle | Joe Duncan

It's easy to act tough, talk tough, be feisty and make a lot of noise.

In fact anyone can make a lot of noise, carry on and pretend to be strong and brave but true strength comes from within.

True strength is the power to be gentle and to act with grace and come from a pure and loving place in your heart.

Be strong enough to be gentle and show your courage through understanding and compassion and kindness.

The world doesn't need another tough talking fool with no heart, what it needs is more loving, compassionate and considerate Souls who are strong and brave enough to be genuine and gentle.

It's easy to be hard on others, treat people harshly and push people away....anyone can do that but it takes a brave soul to take the time to be gentle and understanding of others.

Being gentle is a special kind of strength and only the truly brave and strong among us have what it takes to be gentle, kind and loving no matter the situation.

Be strong enough to be gentle.

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Originally written by Joe Duncan

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