orange soda


eating cheetos with a fork

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gouda "cheese product" and gas station cab

in a dream i drink something made with fluid from a dead body. it's delicious. i get up, sobbing, clutch the counter and and dry heave until im exhausted

adventure on the mtr

there’s justice, just not such that you’d recognize. god is real but judgment based on sin is a meme. the commandments are an early buzzfeed list gone tragically viral. face the eyeless demiurge and scream as it fucks your brain for eternity. you were all too kind, you could have saved yourself

what dat mouf do

drop out of college if you still can and neet on your own savings. buy back your youth with a loan against your future. reject conventional success. you have power and agency and aesthetic but They would turn you into a mule. metacognition was a mistake, the rationalists will die just as ignorant as the rest of us and they won’t be half so sure. embrace what beliefs you can and hold tight to them. they’re all wrong but some might make you happy. the collapse is coming. only the memetic and naive will survive