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please help me

my 20s feel like old age. i find out some of the geezers on here are 27 or even somewhere in their 30s and beyond, and im amazed. such vitality!

I'll soon cross into the mid-20s, and it feels like more lies behind me than lies ahead. im certain that at any moment ill arrive at my destination

these days, it takes me an um or two to recall my precise age. i cast about for my date of birth, but several come to mind. have to check my id to confirm. it looks wrong. is that really when this started? why do i feel so very old, why am i so confused

im convinced now that ive been here before, many times. that i once walked these same steps feeling young. when i finally arrive, ill find myself back at the beginning. round and round on this path, going on and on forever. going nowhere.

gas station cab and

in a dream i drink something made with fluid from a dead body. it's delicious. i get up, sobbing, clutch the counter and dry heave til im exhausted

what dat mouf do tho

there’s justice, just not such that you’d recognize. god is real but judgment based on sin is a meme. the commandments are an early buzzfeed list gone tragically viral. face the eyeless demiurge and scream as it fucks your brain for eternity. you were all too kind