Too Hot

I was super excited to start my field season this year. The area I am working in is one that I have wanted to work in for a very long time. As a botanist, I was extra excited to see what the vegetative communities would look like in spring and summer. Unfortunately I am here in a rather unique year of drought and unusual heat. The vegetation survey methods I am using are not physically taxing but they are certainly mentally taxing. Add in the abnormally high temperatures and it make for a rather draining and not very enjoyable experience. For a bonus, the sky is filled with smoke so I dont get to enjoy the scenery.

It is legitimately too hot to really be able to function well unless you are out in the early morning hours. Today we were out early but had an unexpectedly long hike to the survey area. There was almost a coup within the crew when the distance from where we parked was getting further than we had water for. Thankfully the day went without an issue but the heat made it all more difficult to accomplish. I have another plant in the queue to identify but I'm in a bit of a fuck this , it can wait mode. I'm not looking forward to the rest of this week or the rest of the month as there is no relief in sight for the heat or the drought. I may actually sleep through my weekend.

Current Mood: #fatiguedweasel

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