Job Requirements

Recently had a discussion about resume building and catering to the job requirements.  Some of the "skills/abilities" discussed were not ones that I ever thought of making sure were prominently displayed and backed up in my resume. Here are a few:

  • squatting/bending for extended periods of time
  • (safely) driving a vehicle
  • hopping over ditches
  • ability to live/work in remote areas
  • following directions/protocols

These are all skills that are required for the work I do and honestly thought are a given looking at past work experience and where I live.  Shame on me for thinking that.  HR people really are clueless on the required skills for the jobs they hire for.  Something about that feels so wrong to me.  

The most amusing of these to me is the living/working in remote areas.  I am surprised how difficult that is for people who are working as field biologists these days.  Seems where I am now has gotten many previous seasonal workers who could not take the remoteness of the job.  For me, my current town is an upgrade with a decent selection of stores and an increase of about 6000 people.  They did formally ask if I would be ok working in a small town and then laughed and said I'd be fine.  

All of this makes me wonder what the caliber is of the newest field biologists. Then again, I have worked with a few that can't deal with limited socialization or "things to do."

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