MUSINGS: A Chronology of Be

We write so to see it again, otherwise it may dissipate from memory and is definitely not realized, nor necessarily real at all. Even the things written are often forgotten.


outside THE BOX

Note 13...this is not confusing

I hope this is not confusing.

You can withdraw your tokens to any ETH-ERC20 wallet that you have the keys to. Our recommended wallets are MyCrypto, Atomic Wallet, MEW, Metamask.

PS. Make sure to set correct wallet addresses to which you want us to send you your tokens. We send tokens to the address you had set at the time of asking for a withdrawal, so make sure you have the correct address set before you make a withdrawal request. Set your withdrawal address here.


It's Listed now.

What is in a name?
Well, what is in a name you can see?
What is in a book you can see though have not read?!

There are so many redundancies; for any medium you choose to use, the reproduced version of their original basic no frills and intrinsically functional way of doing is to get it done, convey the thought.

Do you like this font?