I am working on a teacher training. I also have diverse interests, including feminist projects, and like pursing many hobbies.
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Books I'm reading right now

Metaphors We Live By - by George Lakoff and Mark Johnson

Anthropology Textbook

Teaching with the Brain in Mind

Teaching with the Brain in Mind - Eric Jensen

By using persuasion and a seeminly humble view on his own authority (as a PHD student), Eric Jensen presents a well-researched text with richly peppered well-written chapters relaying the common theme of how to keep a child's brain in mind while teaching. Students experience stressers, but also are actively building consciousness at school. This book is an important piece to keep alongside works that now emphasize trauma-informed styles of teaching, a style hopeful in reaching students from broader socio-economic backgrounds.


In the past I had been interested in Workplace studies. Here is a list of a few books and articles on this topic.

Cognition and Communication at Work (1998)
The Politics of Working Life
Risk Society (1992)
Handbook of Organizational and Managerial Innovation

Note 2

Distributed cognition as defined in communication and cognition at work

  • Distributed cognition is about how we use design elements to share knowledge and coordinate behavior often using technology and in contet of team interaction.
  • Allows for redundancy in information such that more than one person has awareness of data even if specific to only one role (and where they may only be considering certain parts of a whole).
  • Benefit in error reducation among the team
  • Communication is open and supports complex coordinated activities