Atheist's rant

There is no purpose in our life. There is no purpose in us. We are dust in the wind. The more we know about the world around us the more it is clear that there is nothing special about us. It is not something negative. It is just what it is. I personally think it is even positive. I don't like to be special. I like to have the absolute freedom to do what I want but this is very different from being special. I don't have a problem with everybody being able to do whatever they want. However, given how everybody are lazy this won't result a good place to live in. So, we are not special. Nothing is special. Everything alive was designed by evolution. We were created because we are better than other organisms in consuming whatever is around us. Others died on the way. Consciousness is not special as well. It is a side-effect of our fairly complex, but again - not special, brain. The purpose of the complex brain is to consume everything around us more efficiently. Just look at how good we are at this! Like the last Black Friday... Given we are not special I think makes it easier for us to be humble. Consider you are a stone. You would be humble. Very humble. Well, stone can not be humble since it can't feel anything. May be it can? We don't know shit. How come the more we learn the more we understand how much we don't know? Does this ever change? Is there a scientific theory around this phenomenon? Anyway, what is left then? Why should we live and not commit suicide now? As part of our complex brain we got feelings. Specifically, positive feelings. Pleasures. Feeling pleasure is, well, very nice. It feels good. You want more. The thing that makes us feel good is different from person to person. The reason not to commit suicide is to be able to feel these pleasures. This is the purpose of life. Do whatever it means to optimize pleasure. Specifically, optimize total time you feel pleasure in your life. If it means suffer to get more pleasure in the future, may be it make sense. If it means get extreme pleasure now and die - may be it makes sense as well but you need to make sure that if you don't die you would get less pleasure. In general I think it worth dying only if you know that you are not going to feel any pleasure at all if you don't die. Which is kind of a rare case. So don't commit suicide. What next? Religions, gods, and other superstitions. It is hard for people to deal with uncertainty. That is a fact of life. Why? I don't know. Quirks of the evolution. But we don't need to know. We need to optimize on pleasures. Believing in god doesn't serve this purpose well. May be it does for some people actually. Anyway, not for me. Karl Marx was saying that religion is the opium for the people. For some it is I guess. So let's treat religion just as we treat other drugs. The main problem with drugs is that you neglect everything in favor of getting and using the drug. Some deeply religious people I know do the same. But given the concept of maximizing the pleasure may be both should just be allowed. Yes, we do need law and enforcement mechanisms but this just to create rules for the game. So I am OK with this. But this is not what I am talking about. I talk about the purpose of life. My point is that the only purpose of life is maximizing pleasure. Because there is nothing else. We are nothing in this universe. We are worms. And just like a worm is trying to eat, or enjoy, as much as it can, we should try and maximize pleasant feeling. We are almost nothing on a universe scale both in terms of dimension and time. Earth with all its humans represents 4*10-27 percent of total matter in the universe, not including the dark matter. Compare a real dust particle weight to the one of the earth and you will get a similar percentage. The total time of human existence is 0.0015 percent of universe age until now. This is why we don't experience any catastrophes on the galactic scale. Our whole existence is a moment in time. What are the chances of anything to happen in this specific moment? Negligible. So, maximize your pleasures and enjoy life as much as you can. Good luck!