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What can the healthcare industry do about Orangeworm?

Orangeworm, if you haven't heard in the recent months, is a group focused on targeting the healthcare industry. Your information, PII and EHR need to have the most secure systems protecting your information, and that's not always what happens. IT departments don't get the staff they need, hardware/software resources they need, or even assistance they need from outside vendors due to lack of budget, or possibly other factors. EMR and PII information can be worth 1000$ or more per record for hacke...
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Why Should You Have A Home Firewall

This is the age of Information Security. Almost everything you need (or want) today connects to the internet. The rightly named Internet of things (IoT) brings us a whole new world of device management, automation, and convenience. Adding on top of that, though, is security. Why should home users worry about security, or even bother purchasing a firewall? The answer is simple: to protect your information. You might say, "Well, I don't have anything to hide," and maybe on the surface sure, that'...
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