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The tools below allow you to convert between data formats. These tools are fully offline and do not require an internet connection. This means none of your data is sent over the wire.

Evernote → Standard Notes

Choose an Evernote ENEX file to convert to the Standard Notes format.

How to export from Evernote →

 Remove formatting — Removes text formatting. If you want to keep formatting, you'll need to use the paid Plus Editor extension to read Evernote's HTML-based notes properly.

Note 1: If you have a lot of notes, you should break your import files down into 250MB segments. Any ENEX file larger than 250MB will likely have problems converting due to the limited resources available in your browser.

Note 2: File attachments will not be transferred over. If you intend on using the FileSafe extension, you must manually re-attach all files to pass them through the encryption and cloud upload function.

Plaintext → Standard Notes

Use this tool to convert multiple plaintext files, including Markdown .md files, to a Standard Notes import format.

Google Keep → Standard Note

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