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The one thing I know about politics, and life in general, is how little I know about politics, and life in general.

If I am silent as the world rages, it's only because I am listening and assessing.

But if I hear or see injustice, then it is appropriate to act. Just as, if I hear or see injustice coming, it is appropriate to act.

You can't stand silent in an unjust world. Not all rage is unjust.

If somebody is standing next to you than you have a greater chance of a shared experience and understanding of the world around you.

If somebody is talking down to you, how can they share the same experience and understanding of the world around you?

If you are shouting upwards to the sky, how can you know if your voice is being heard and not lost in the wind of rage?

Pull down the statues and high chairs, live in the rubble together and construction what you can out of the remains of our dying world. But make those constructions just and shared.

Outliner Editor, please

Night or day, I mostly live in the Bold Editor (no distraction, midnight). But in my dreams, I long for an outliner editor. One massive note to end all notes. Only one man can make this dream a reality. His name is Mo.


“Soccer was the people’s sport, because it was cheap. And sport builds the collective spirit, it teaches you to work with others, that you can’t accomplish anything alone. I realized soccer taught me that if you have something you want to accomplish, you have to cooperate.” - Sakono Praptoyugono

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Vincent Bevins, 'The Jakarta Method: Washington's Anticommunist Crusade and the Mass Murder Program that Shaped Our World', May 2020

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