First Journey


How are you guys? I hope you're fine and get better as the time goes. In this first autobiography, I want to tell a story of mine. Things I have been through past years, and my future expectations. Firstly, the reason I'm writing this is because I think it's good for me at some points. So, let's begin...

I'm still young, not so many experience. People have phases of life. I currently am think that for me, it's where people around me are leaving me, I need money, and now I'm thinking of how I can be success in the future alongside with the pressure of the current situations.

I'm so tired all day and distracted by many things. I always find shortcuts to get success. Now, I realized that there are no such options. The only things that I need is to overcome the laziness, and get to work.

I have been procrastinating for a very long time, even standard person now became better than me. The only thing I have now is a mindset and powerful brain, given by Allah. At the highest form of hard work, I believe that I can become way better.

I used to have an ambition, it's to change the world become a better place to live. I think, it will never come true. As the time goes, I witnessed people are arguing each other, they have no feelings, and remain the same forever. Therefore it will never be.

Now, I just want to change myself and become a person such as the Tate brothers.