2.0.3 | Local Backups (Desktop)

This release introduces automatic local backups of your data that occur at regular intervals.

You can manage this feature via the "Backups" menu item (in the top OS-level menu, not app footer menu. Note that there is a known issue with 'Open Backups Location' that does not focus the opened window, so be sure to find it in the background).

Backups are created when the app is running according to these rules:

  • Once every 12 hours.
  • Every time you launch the app.
  • When a major data change occurs, such as retrieving many items from the server.

Backups will always be encrypted unless you're signed out and do not have an app passcode.

You can set the location of your backups to any folder you like, including a cloud sync folder such as Dropbox or other services.

If at some point you'd like to preview the contents of a backup file, you can either:

  1. Use the decrypt script available at https://standardnotes.org/offline.
  2. Sign out of your app (or launch a blank session at app.standardnotes.org), and import the file. If it looks good, clear out the app session data, and sign back in to your account, then proceed with importing the file. Items from the backup file will overwrite the contents of existing items.

Standard Notes 2.0.3 is available now through auto-update, or via standardnotes.org.

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