Hi everyone! My name is Christopher and I am a software developer in Düsseldorf, Germany. Currently in my professional life, I am mostly focused on data engineering and business intelligence, however on my own time I like to explore different things and technologies, whatever seems fun to me. While working as a developer and learning new technologies e.g. recently SwiftUI, I have always found random blog posts on the internet to be incredibly valuable to see real life experience of fellow human beings working on the same thing as me and suffering the same issues as me. So I thought I would try to collect my thoughts from time to time whenever I struggle with some confusing thing for a while and finally understand it, so maybe someone else in the same situation can get to the solution a bit quicker.

Passing values down the view hierarchy in SwiftUI

Introduction So recently I have been trying to get into iOS App Development with Swift and SwiftUI, not because I had some genius app idea thats going to make me rich, much more because at work I exclusively develop internal stuff, even if my colleagues are very happy about it, it would be nice to create something that I can publish on the App Store and that might end up on someones iPhone or iPad and helps them in some way. As my first simple project I chose an unofficial client for the Datab...
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Invite Azure Active Directory Guest Users via terraform

Introduction At work one of my systems that I built and maintain is a collection of PowerBI datasets and reports that our external clients consume to view their performance in our portfolio. To make this possible we invite the external users to our Azure Active Directory tenant and give them access to a PowerBI app we created for them. This way they can consume reports but not edit - essentially look but don't touch! So far that process of inviting users is fairly manual and time-consuming: Fi...
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