Note 2

I've finally thought of a use for this blog.

I don't really think that anybody's going to read it, ever... I certainly never intend on sharing it anywhere, or with anybody I know in the real world!

Regardless, I feel like the fact it is public and anonymous will help me to start writing again, which is something I've wanted to do for a long time. Perhaps someone will stumble upon it through Listed somehow... if so, hi! This post is definitely terribly boring and a waste of your time, sorry. But hey - this is about me, not you!

I have so many interests I would love to explore - maths, physics, computing, the science of sound, linguistics, the brain, just to name a few - but so terrifyingly little time on this Earth. I feel so ground down by full time work and study. If this helps me develop my hobbies and improve at writing even just a little, then I'll be happy.

Regretting publishing such a yawnfest of a first post, but I'm impatient to just begin, and get better over time.

Until next time!


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