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Veeam VSScontrol Error After Conversion

After converting from Hyper-V to VMWare, it's entirely possible you may encounter an error which says Failed to prepare guest for hot backup. Error: VSSControl: -2147212529 Backup job failed. This is due to a 3rd party, or an incompatible VSS provider component existing on the virtual server. In all likelihood, this will be the one installed from the Hyper-V tools. The easiest way to fix this issue is to remove the offending provider. How to check the providers installed This is relatively ea...
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VPN on pfSense with "Killswitch"

A VPN is a great solution for privacy, and at times, a great solution for security too. Many people run VPN's using software installed on their PC's - this is absolutely better than nothing, but can still give room for error if the connection disconnects and the software contains no killswitch, or, the software's killswitch doesn't work as designed. Additionally, you may accidentally forget to turn your VPN on, or, if your PC is booting up, you may inadvertently leak personal information prior ...
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My Privacy and Security Tools

In my quest for privacy and security, I've made use of a great many different tools. It seemed wise to document these for others, to save time and provide options that may not have been considered before. 2 Factor Auth - YubiKey has been my staple for 2FA for a long time now. Initially I started off using it just for TOTP, but have progress to FIDO2 as services have supported it. Additionally, my Yubi is compatible for many of the services I list below (including BitWarden, GNU Pass, dm-crypt,...
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Kicking off the Blog

Greetings! I've taken a leap into the world of self-publishing my writing! I'll likely have musings about Linux, IT Security, coding, coffee, infosec, OSINT, and other related matters in these posts, as these are things that are significant interests for me. If anything here is relatable for you, please don't hesitate to join in the conversation. Thanks for reading! ...
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