The Art of the Possible?

The Art of the Possible?

Without exception, all political parties are engaged in mutually destructive campaigns desperately trying to deliver warped interpretations of the Big Possible. It is hugely embarrassing to witness the relentless yet fruitless pleadings and cant of failing politicians trying to out do each other with facile promises to voters. Fanciful hope will never prevail, for if any party is to win they must give themselves a good talking to and change their game. Fragile perfect identical arguments will never win and are NOT THE WAY NOW and never will be

To secure committed supporters , who are the only people who matter and the only true asset politicians have, parties need to understand that people are often positively motivated by identifiable BENEFITS (a) and negatively influenced by known LIABILTIES(b)

Potential supporters would arguably be more supportive if

(a) they benefitted from and were more engaged with "politicians at their door" and felt they could trust them - and
(b) could avoid liabilities by ensuring that they chose the right person for prime minister

Take Away "If you are unable to effectively mobilise and deploy your assets you will never prevail"

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