For me happiness is peace but most people confuse happiness with joy, excitement, surprises and pleasure. Happiness should be constant and should remain like that atleast untill something happens. Those mentioned about are just your brain hormones getting High ( excited ) if what I feel. Apart from there is no shortcut to know how this feels unless you cut off everything and practice the search of peace of mind. Prescriptions are not going to help in any way.

The concept of love

Starting with this quote,

If you are everywhere

You are no where
By a Stoic, i don't remember

What does he mean by that, In my terms he is talking about dividing our love each time a new person is added to the list. You can love your one parnter more if you stopped talking to your friends, this an actual fact it seems that one relationship of yours can cost you 2 hard friendship, because you are investing your time, energy, love into that one person only and we all want to make our partner feel special and no one else does it to them because they have their own partner to invest it in. But when you want to keep your friendship intact and still be with your partner someone will loose, you partner might feel that you are not doing much and treating them the same as everyone, but you know that you aren't you are putting your best efforts to satisfy everyone ( friends & partner ) p.s : you can't make everyone happy, remember.
You can only live and experience one place well when you stay there for 30 days not when you Live in 30 places for 30 days you are just going to look at it and move on. That's what happens
Naval said this on Joe Rogan " the universe is build in such a way that you can get what ever you want, but you need to let go everything that is the rest "
Same thing here too, now also comes the concept of best friends, they don't have many " friends " and because they invest their all time, love on their 4 friends naturally they feel special and different then rest.

Knowledge vs education

Institutional education is just a basic knowledge everyone needs to have. If you take science you need this this and if take commerce you need this this. That is just formulas, in math to solve a problem you need formulas what are formulas they are basis knowledge of the sum your given to solve. Institutional education not the dot to your education, if it were what makes you unique, we all are unique and you need properly polish the knowledge you have. Getting a degree or masters is not to say that you are more educated that was before the internet and free education existed, the marks and your degree was your CV that's what determined your knowledge not now, because less PPL studied before it was like that. It's not like at this age you need to stop learning, that it self means you are limiting yourself, doesn't you spend all your day on it. Just like excercise if you want to maintain the body you have right now ( a fit one ) you need to put at least half and hour. Like wise you need to learn what least one hour a day to keep your existing knowledge intact. There the concept compounding also shows light, what us compounding... Think of your knowledge of a day like a lego brick and for a month you have been learning and learning each day. Each day a lego brick is added and a big knowledge tower has grown. That is what is compounding, it is everywhere, relationships, money, love,hate everywhere. Now your knowledge is compounding each day and you get better each that's what life should be. Life should be a amazing journey rather than a amazing spot to be in. Keep learning.....