Lazada Philippines Seller/Vendor Blacklist

Lazada Philippines is a pretty terrible online shopping experience. The total control Lazada/Alibaba gives to vendors over reviews is just disgusting. Like Alibaba itself, Lazada is filled with so many scammers and vendors with terrible customer service, including from Lazada itself, it makes you question the cultural context that allows this amoral behavior.

Generally speaking, I try to only buy from LazMall and "Easy Return" vendors. "Return to seller" vendors seem to have far more incidences of poor quality products and scams, with limited options to get your money back if the seller outright refuses a return. So that being said, the following vendors are particularly bad, usually because of the important nature of the products they are selling or for egregious behavior.

Meet Sunday

This seller sells Corona masks, a medical product.

1) They list as 'in stock' items they have no stock of. So you order, and after a few days, the order gets cancelled.

2) Fraud. Yes you read that right. They advertise one product and then ship you another: 

3) Terrible customer service and no ethics. Contacted them about their bait and switch fraud, their response is I should just accept it, and its "ok".

4) Censoring reviews. They kept rejecting any negative review I posted till I learned a trick. I posted a review with 4 stars but wrote about the fraud they perpetrated on me, and they seemed to allow it. I guess they don't even read the reviews.

ePharma -

This seller sells all medical products. Look at how they package and deliver a medical product, in this case glucose testing strips.

As you can see they broke up a multipack which is specifically labeled as not allowed to be sold as individual items, and in doing so rendered the product no longer sanitary or usable.

They refused any return and aggressively censored every attempt at posting a review:

Yoeki Merchandise Shop -

They mix other stuff into their flour. As per a professional chef, some of what they use to "cut" their flour with may not be safe for ingesting.

TKK Marketing

Posted: 2020-07-17

Updated: 2020-08-17

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