The Courage to Stand Alone

Well, so I am finished with my midterm exams and now I have time to do things which I were planning or had planned. But, the real crux is what to do first, go for a movie or finish the three novels I have left after 200 or100 pages. Or should I just sleep in my room to compensate for all missed hours in order get B+ or A in the exams.

Finally I decided that I should finish the novels. I have always preferred the books to anything else, because they make you more imaginative and creative. When I read a book, I am free to create my own world, I can visualize the character with the features I like, and one is sensitive enough he can experience all the emotions with the characters, you relate with them you empathize with them and these are the things you cannot experience with movies, you have limitations, its the director’s vision, his way of portrayal of emotions, which you witness.
Many of my friends don’t agree with me, but who cares.

Ultimately, it’s your life and it’s your decision. And I have always had the courage to stand alone, though not always successful. Family/Groups/friends/relatives, every one gives you a feeling of security and when you become sure about anything, you loose the real charm of life. Uncertainty and insecurity have always fascinated me.
Actually, I love uncertainty it gives me a high.

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