This is the way its done


CBC, CMP, Mg, Trops, BNP, TSH, EKG, CXR, ECHO Furosemide *** mg q***h Cont. telemetry, pulse Ox Vital Signs per unit Daily weights. Strict I/Os Supplemental O2 PRN to keep sat > 92% Cardiac diet w/ 2g Na & 2L H2O restriction ...
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labs: TSH, head CT if suspect ICP elevation firstline tx: if symptomatic, give transcutaneous pacing arrange for pacemaker if persistent sx other tx: atropine 0.5mg IV q3-5min x 6 doses max epinephrine 2-10 mcg/min IV dopamine 3-10 mcg/kg/min IV ROS: triggering events (vagal maneuvers, carotid irritation) offending drugs (Ca blockers, beta blockers, digoxin) PMH MI, sick sinus syndrome, hypothyroidism head trauma cold intolerance px: mental status unequal pupils, papilledema cardi...
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NPO. IVF NS 0.9 @ 100 mL/hr Lipase. Lipid panel (for triglycerides). Alcohol RUQ Abdominal Ultrasound Activity - Ambulate patient. Bed Rest Zofran/Metoclopramide/Promethazine q6h PRN for Nausea Gastroenterology consult, recs appreciated PAIN Toradol IV PRN Oxycodone 5 mg q6h PRN Morphine 2 mg q4h PRN Dilaudid # mg IV PRN *** Alcohol induced? do you need CIWA protocol? Ativan per CIWA protocol. Librium taper. ...
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