My favorite Medium articles

Like many of you, I'm on Medium. I enjoy the occasional honesty I can see there from people in tech, and a few publications have good long-form stuff as well.

But like most social apps out there, it's also full of toxic content I find both obnoxious and hilarious. In no particular order, here are some of my favorite types of articles I like to get annoyed about:

  • I get up at 3.30 AM and so should YOU!
  • I've founded 27 companies before I turned 12 and you're garbage
  • Here are 42 apps you should use at the same time to increase your #productivity
  • I will put 10 gigantic images of people staring into the horizon in this article
  • A beginner's tutorial for something (it's actually not for beginners and you need to be technical to do it)

I can't wait to get up at 2 AM tomorrow and conquer the world!

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