Ultra Large Format Diary 11/24/2022

Welcome to my Ultra Large Format Photography Journal.  I share my personal thoughts and experiences with my family and friends in the hope they will gain a deeper understanding of who I am and how much I love creating ultra large format contact prints.  I consider this process to be the ultimate medium for self-expression. Ultra large format contact printing is slow, contemplative, and never needs to change today or a thousand years from now.  It's already perfect, and no improvements are desired or needed.  If you want to watch some videos of me and Tim Jr. working in the darkroom, then you can follow our YouTube Darkroom Diary, where we bring you behind the scenes with us. 

ULF Diary 11/24/2022

It is late in the evening on Thanksgiving, and everyone has gone to bed.

I enjoy the quiet time and thinking about my next ultra large format project.

My next project will be with the 8x20 Chamonix, and I am not sure about the lens yet. I want to use the Dallmeyer 3B lens because of the optical character, but it may be too long for what I am considering. I won't know until I get into the composition.

My challenge is to create a new 8x20 ULF contact print that communicates my thoughts and feelings, "Broken, But Still Connected."

You might wonder what "Broken, But Still Connected" is about.

It is how I feel about the loss of my youngest daughter Abby. She was tragically killed in a car accident on April 15, 2021. I still feel broken, but also still connected to her.

I am using my art as a way to work through my feelings of despair, sorrow, grief, and pain.

As I sit here this evening, all I know right now is that I am getting up tomorrow, and I am headed over to the darkroom, and I will start this journey.

More tomorrow.

You can follow my YouTube Darkroom Diary, where Tim Jr. and I bring you behind the scenes in our darkroom, where we work on our latest Ultra Large Format projects. 


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