Why should I care about cryptocurrency?

So what's this crypto thing all about?

I believe nearly everyone's gotten crypto wrong. When you mention "crypto", everyone assumes we're talking about investment. Not for me. What originally piqued my curiosity was reading that Bitcoin's design was anti-censorship.

What does anti-censorship even mean, though?

In reality, when you use your debit or credit card to purchase a coffee at your local cafe, numerous processors and third parties have access to your transaction data. It's not private; all our banking data is wide-open.

However, with the right cryptocurrency, literally no one can view, track or especially prevent you from transacting with another individual. No one can freeze or suspend your account.

In fact, there are no third party payment processors involved. No Visa, no Mastercard, no Stripe, PayPal, Bank of America, BlackRock, Vanguard, Joe Biden, or Klaus Schwab. No Federal Reserve Bank or Communist Party of China.

And don't even get me started on Central Bank Digital Currencies.

Crypto isn't the total solution, but in this present age of cancel culture, centralisation and control, it can be a powerful tool for freedom.

If you're serious about freedom and privacy, you owe it to yourself to look into cryptocurrency.

I'm going to write more about crypto and step through one way you could get started with it, from a privacy perspective.

I'd love to hear from you on this...is the idea of anti-censorship important to you?