Why Gun Nuts should want Gun Control

I'm a gun nut. I visit the range every other weekend, and spend way too much time watching gun videos on Youtube. I've shot 3-gun and IPSC matches. I'd be happy to live in a world where everyone always wore rifle plates and carried an M16A4.

Alas, that's not going to happen. Most Americans are too lazy to go to the gym twice a week, let alone carry around a 30 lb arsenal all the time. Especially when the odds of it providing any benefit today are far lower than winning the lottery (apart from burning calories, solving the obesity problem, and thus saving thousands of lives...).

So most people walk around defenseless (including me). And any maniac can easily slaughter however many people they desire if they get unsupervised access to modern weapons. Obviously, banning anyone from having such weapons would make us all live happily ever after.

Sadly, no. Evil, resourceful people will always find a way to kill lots of innocents in order to burn their own names into the history books. Homemade explosives, trucks, and knives work fine. Manchester-UK, Nice-France, and Sagamihara-Japan provide excellent examples of each, respectively. The truck attack in Nice killed more people than Vegas, the deadliest single-perpetrator mass-shooting I am aware of. Are the victims of those atrocities better off than those of a mass-shooting? Of course not. Who is better off when guns aren't used? Gun owners.

Here's a scary vision of where America will go if effective gun control is not implemented:

  1. Gun massacres continue.
  2. The Democrats take the Presidency, Senate, and Supreme Court. They ban semi-automatic center-fire rifles painted black.
  3. Gun massacres continue.
  4. The Democrats ban rimfire rifles painted black, and handguns with slogans on them.
  5. Gun massacres continue.
  6. The Democrats ban gun raffles, and online ammunition sales.
  7. Gun massacres continue.
  8. The Democrats ban all guns except breach-loaders.
  9. Gun massacres continue.
  10. The Democrats ban NunChuks.
  11. World leaders screw up. WW3 or US Civil War 2 breaks out. Suddenly, everyone needs a gun.
  12. America rolled over in 24 hours. Foundations poured for NYC's new death camp.

Effective gun control could prevent this. The massacres would still happen, but they wouldn't call for increased gun control. And when the world crashes down, we will have weapons and be skilled in their use. I cannot foresee it happening soon. I would have written the same thing in Russia in 1911.

What is effective gun control? That's a subject for another post. It doesn't involve banning the color black. Semi-automatic rifles are available in Canada, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Finland, France, and a lot of other places with small gun-homicide rates. Copy them.

Right now, the Republicans have leverage: they control the Senate and Supreme Court, and the Democrats cannot refuse any net-increase in gun control. So they should implement it, to ensure that the genius of the 2nd Amendment is still in effect, for that inevitable day that we need it.

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