Introductions and Salutations

Hey world.

New user to Standard Notes, but I figured this would be a good place to post a stream of consciousness. I have a Hugo blog elsewhere, but it is only for big major announcement postings and such. I'll post here my daily (a bit optimistic), weekly (well, still optimistic), and monthly (more likely) experiences in my personal life, HealthCare IT, Security, Education as in being a student and instructor in a big-school MOOC, and music.

About me?

I'm a geek at heart. I'm autistic, though I discovered this later in life (I think my parents knew but never told me). I'm a student (security-focused). I'm an instructor (TA for a class where I'm a student - grad-school life). I'm a weather geek and storm chaser. I'm a musician. I'm a tinkerer. I'm a coder (but I suck at frontend and graphics/UI). I'm a gamer (board and social deception gaming, primarily).

What's Interesting About Me?

Nothing, really. I'm an unremarkable person. Most of my friends disagree with this assessment of myself, but hey, this is my blog.

Where Can You Meet Me?

I live in Texas, but I'm more inclined to be a "northerner" since I absolutely hate Texas weather (even though I was born here). However, unless you go to one of the concerts of the bands that I play with, you'll be unlikely to ever meet me cause I'm a hermit.

What to Expect From Me?

Privacy and Security Information, Encryption, Networking, Weather, Mental Health Stuff (related to Autism and the co-morbid conditions), Healthcare, and Music.

That's as good of as intro to expect. Feel free to vist and drop me a line.