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My Trees in Winter EP, originally published at the end of July 2021 on the Mexican indie label Discos Deleite is now available on streaming services and online stores everywhere, including Tidal, Spotify, Youtube,..

Some information:

Artist: Timo Carlier

EP Title: Trees in Winter

Track 01: Trees in Winter (7:25)

  • Music: Timo Carlier

Track 02: The Dawn Chorus (4:52)

  • Music: Timo Carlier

  • Vocals: Dee Who

  • Bird calls taken from an old nature recordings cassette tape

Track 03: There’s All Kinds of Seagulls Now (4:48)

Track 04: The Illustrated Man (3:55)

  • Music & Lyrics: Timo Carlier

  • Bass: Dee Who

Project Description:

For this project, Timo has focused on using his Fostex-x15 four track cassette recorder has his main instrument. By recording a different chord to each of the tracks, he was able to perform and record songs. These were one-take recordings recorded straight to a stereo mix with guitar pedals used as fx-sends. Some additional synth and other sounds were added afterwards on some tracks. One outcome of using the four-track recorder as an instrument is that the tracks do not have a fixed beat and the timing is loose, like waves hitting the beach.

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